Travel Insurance For Backpackers And Hikers

If you have a tour in your mind and you want to travel the free way, a good backpacker travel insurance policy is a thing you must consider before tour. Backpacking trips are bit riskier than regular planned travels. So in such case good backpacker travel insurance becomes a mandatory criterion for a hassle free tour.

Most of the insurers don’t know all the benefits of insurance as they are unaware but these insurance policies help a traveler in many ways.

A Backpacker insurance policy is basically for those who are low on budget. You don’t have to pay high for regular insurance policy but you will surely get the essential coverage with backpackers travel insurance policy. It covers you and your luggage at very less cost, as this type of insurance is designed for backpackers who are known for their low budgeted and unplanned travel schedules.

Before going through you must know backpacker insurance policy and its features.

Features provided by backpacker travel insurance

There are some important features and coverage that backpacker travel insurance policy can provide, these are as follows;

In case if you have to extend you trip due to any unexpected reason, backpacker insurance covers it too.
You get all covers round the clock all the year no matter what time or circumstances are there.
If you get sick during you trip, all the medical expenses will be covered by backpacker insurance providers. Most of the time such insurance policies also covers personal incidents that occur during travel (please confirm this before buying insurance policy from you insurance provider).
Many travel insurance firms provide option to opt out which they don’t want to be covered and ask for the things which they want to be covered. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
Many travel insurance firms provide the option to the insurer that what they really want to be covered in their policy. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
Many backpacker tours for winter sports, some travel for scuba diving. Such adventurous sports have high risks involved which can lead you to physical damages. Covers for such sports are also available as an optional measure. You can add such sports covers in your existing insurance for added safety.
You can extend you insurance any time with a single click sitting at your home in front of your computer.
Make sure that insurance policy covers the location in which you are planning to travel. Some travel insurance companies provide insurance policies only for a certain country.

Now the biggest which every travelers generally asks is “Do I really need a backpacker insurance policy? And is it really worth it? ”

Backpacker travel insurance is surely recommended for you if you fell into any of these categories

You travel alone at places which are expected.
Your travel schedule is unexpected and never planned.
You have medical history or you are above 50 years of age.

Backpacking is surely an adventurous trip but it has its own risks too. Backpackers are very prone to injuries, robbery and related issues. There are some possible issues in which backpackers can easily get coverage. These are as follows:

Tour cancellation – Trips are cancelled many times due to many issues. Sometimes due to bad weather and sometimes due to some personal reason, one has to cancel his/her trip.

Emergency medical care – backpackers are very much prone to issue like food poisoning, diarrhea and other infections. Such diseases can lead to serious health issues which can be covered by purchasing insurance.

Accidents – accidents are common and can be occur at any time. Insurance not only covers for your injury but also the person affected by your mistake.

Theft or robbery – backpacker usually travel alone. They also stay at budget hotels. All this makes them prone to things like baggage theft and robbery.

Considering the current global scenario which is quite unsafe, having proper backpacker travel insurance is very necessary.

A backpacker insurance policy can be a great help for every traveler who wants to travel the free way. So what are you waiting for? Get a backpacker travel insurance for yourself and roam free

Redefining the Styling of Kurtis

Creating style quotient in the clothes that has become part and parcel of our lives is one of the most challenging things for a designer. I used to fuss around this issue for a long time as I felt I looked one among the many though I buy costly clothes or clothes from exclusive boutiques. However, browsing through a number of fashion blogs and articles I have come to terms with the fact that, simple additions and styling can bring an entire changeover to the boring Kurtis.

Styling the kurtis majorly require different kinds of bottoms, shawls, and jackets. Accessories and makeup are the next stages of the self-grooming process.

The mainstream styling of Kurtis is usually done nowadays with leggings. The leggings can be either printed or plain. Printed leggings entered the market a few years back and are creating a storm after that. It is the most sought after by college girls due to its funky prints and colours. Plain kurtis especially white kurtis can be teamed with this colourful printed kurtis. Women who want to add some glam to their routine kurtis also love lace leggings.

Casual Patiala pants are tailor made for a simple and chick look. Patiala pants with short kurtis can be worn for evening outs and casual coffees. These kurtis are mostly preferred to be worn without shawls. Instead of shawls, jackets can be used for a better look. Jute jackets or cotton jackets can be worn for a professional look while long sleeveless synthetic jackets can be used for a modern look.

Palazzo pantsuits are trending nowadays. Straight cut kurtis can be always teamed with these pants for a very professional look. The Pakistani palazzo suits also top the charts in fashion runways. Palazzo pants give us a very westo-Indian look that attracts many of the young gen girls.

Jeans and Kurtis are an authentic combination that works all the time and for any place. Kurtis is designed in such a way that they can be worn for any occasion and with any styling. Jeans kurtis are a personal favourite as they are super comfortable and does not leave risen eyebrow at any circumstance.

Wearing Kurti as a dress on its own is a very creative idea that has been put into use by many fashionistas around the country. There are various kinds of kurtis such as fishtail kurtis and c cut Kurtis that are created just to be worn as dresses. These Kurtis are sometimes better than the actual dresses we get in branded stores.

Simple or grand, casual or formal, routine or unique, Kurtis is necessary to wear for a classy and elegant look.

5 Types Of Boots Every Lady Should Have

One of the ways of looking trendy as women is wearing boots. In addition to the units providing you with comfort, they also protect you from harsh weather. There are many types of boots in the market that you can go for. The most common being:

Ankle length boots

They come in different colors and styles. You can also wear them on different occasions and with different outfits. According to experts, you can wear them regardless of your body shape and height. If you are short and thin, you should wear them with same color jeans, leggings or pants. This is to create an illusion of length thus preventing you from looking too short.

Knee length boots

These are ideal for you if you have a pear-shaped body. Due to their size, they give you the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. For a great look, you should wear the boots with a knee-length skirt or dress. You can also wear the units with your jeans tucked in for a casual look.

Rain boots

They aren’t your everyday boots-you wear them during the rainy days to keep your feet dry. They are made from rubber thus preventing water from getting into your feet. While most of them are black in color, there are others that come in other colors and designs. You should go for the ones that look attractive to you.

Over the knee boots

These units are designed for the tall and thin women looking to create an edgy and sexy look. Experts recommend that you avoid wearing the boots if you are short as they will make you look shorter than you already are. You should also avoid the units if you are curvy as they will emphasize the size of your legs thus making you appear bigger.

Calf length boots

You can wear the boots whether you are tall, short, or thin. The units add some volume to your ankles and calves thus giving your body appearing sexy curves. For a great look, wear the boots with a pair of shorts.


If you are a boot lover there are many types of boots in the market that you can go for. All you need to do is choose the ones that give your body a flattering look. For the boots to last for long ensure that you buy from a reputable store. As rule of thumb, avoid those that come at extremely low prices.

Taking A Look At Costumes For Women

To be part of a party, holiday or any special occasion it’s recommended that you dress up for it. One of the ways of dressing up is wearing a costume that is right for the event.

Best costumes for women

As a woman, you have many types of costumes that you can go for. Some of the most popular are:

Cowgirl: This costume is ideal if you are going out with a male partner. You should get a cowgirl costume from your local store. For a great look, wear the costume together with suede, tan or denim clothing. When wearing the outfit don’t forget to finish the look with a cowgirl hat and bandana.

Sexy bird: You can buy the sexy bird costume from your local store but if you are strapped for cash consider reproducing it by wrapping boas around a loose fitting strap dress. To keep the boas intact you should attach it to the dress using thread or safety pins. To complete the look, apply makeup or wear a feather mask on your face. Also remember to wear gloves.

Mime costume: This is probably the most inexpensive costume that you should consider. All you need is a long sleeve black shirt and black trousers. You should then make up your face using white face paint creating a pale complexion. You can make the costume more interesting by adding a few elements such as corsage or suspenders.

Tips to consider when wearing a costume

For the costume to look great on you, you need to consider a number of tips. One of the things that you should do is ensure that the costume you are wearing is a good fit. In addition to looking ugly when you wear a costume that is too big for you, you also tend to not enjoy the event as you feel as if you are wearing a sack.

While masks are sexy on women, they tend to limit peripheral vision. If you are uncomfortable wearing them, choose a costume that doesn’t require you to wear one. If you have to wear a mask, ensure that the eye slits are wide enough to allow maximum vision.

You should complete your look using accessories such as swords. If you opt for the real accessory be cautious that you don’t injure people. For safety reasons, you should go for accessories made from plastic or soft rubber.